Yuvaa is a National Finalist Bacardi Legacy Cocktail 2019 by Abhishek Shevade.


TheCocktailStory of Yuvaa


‘Yuvaa’ by Abhishek Shevade is inspired by the youth transforming the bar industry.

The cocktail, Yuvaa is an inspiration to create something simple yet delicious – well balanced yet elegant.

Yuvaa is dedicated to ‘WE’, everyone in the bar community which is witnessing a major change. The cocktail culture at the moment is evolving and it is definitely due to the abundance of energy and creativity by all the young bartenders in the industry.

The National Finalist cocktail, Yuvaa came to life when Abhishek pondered about his own legacy, how he would like to be remembered. Travelling across the globe to experience and learn about the bar world, Abhishek wants to credit everyone – his guests, bar community and most importantly his fellow bar mates with YUVAA.

His legacy for the bar community which will be dedicated and remembered by all in the bar world.



Recipe of Yuvaa



60 ml Bacardi Oro

20 ml Martini Bianco

25 ml Sacram

15 ml Lime juice



Shake and serve

Garnish with butterfly pea flower



A cocktail by a bartender dedicated to the bar community & fellow bartenders!


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