Tobias Carvalho stepped into the bar world with a bartending course in 2010 from Cocktails and Dreams, Mumbai founded by Yandup Lama. It is one of the biggest and finest bartending school we have in India.

During the course itself, Tobias did many events in venues across the country. Right from small house parties to Bacardi NH7 and other big events, he worked behind the bar wherever he got the chance to.

After the completion of bartending course, he joined a bar called Bonobo, situated in the heart of Mumbai’s party area. Bonobo specialised in easy to make and easy to drink cocktails keeping in mind the young crowd that flocked the place. To polish his skills further, he quit Bonobo to move forward to some serious bartending. He was passionate enough to now do more than he was doing 0 make cocktails that he has just read or heard about and create his own masterpieces. So, he decided to join Ellipsis. During its prime, Ellipsis was considered as the best cocktail bar in Mumbai or perhaps even in India. It’s menu boasted around 2000 + cocktails from classics to contemporary to signatures.

During his wonderful time at Ellipsis, he participated in the Corralejo Cocktail Competition & waas a national finalist in 2013. And the next year, he was one of the National Finalists at the Diageo World Class and Bacardi Legacy. Tobias won the title of first runner up for Bacardi Legacy. Exploring all the possible opportunities, he went overseas in October 2014  to Dubai to work with Tresind, a modern Indian restaurant.


Even while working with Tresind for four years, he kept on trying his luck with cocktail competitions. His zeal and passion towards mixology made him win the Jameson Barrelman Challenge. He was in the Top 3 and got an opportunity to visit Ireland with Jameson for the entire experience.




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