The Unpredictable by Nilashis Das

The Unpredictable is a National Finalist Bacardi Legacy Cocktail 2019 by Nilashis Das.



TheCocktailStory of The Unpredictable 


The Unpredictable is inspired from a man’s unpredictable journey of success.

This Bacardi Legacy cocktail is dedicated to those unpredictable times in a man’s life where ‘what next’ is a big question.

A journey to success has many ups and downs, there are moments when you give up and suddenly life gives you a surprise to inspire you and pushes you to move forward.

Nilashis had the same experience & thus, the name ‘The Unpredictable’.

Just two months before the Bacardi Legacy Competition, he was about to leave the bartending profession. He felt stagnant and was frustrated with the limited exposure. But coincidently, Bacardi Legacy registrations opened that particular day and with the support of his mentor, he entered the competition.

This very moment gave him hope and now he’s again onto his journey of becoming a great bartender.

Thus, he has dedicated his Bacardi Legacy Cocktail to those ‘unpredictable’ times which push you hard to achieve your goal.



Recipe of The Unpredictable


A unique recipe with an unpredictable taste.




60 ml Bacardi carta Blanca

20 ml Martini Bianco

5 ml Campari for spray

10 ml Olive Brine

10 ml Honey Syrup




Stirred & serve in a coupe

Garnish with Vanilla Pod Burn and put on top



An inspiring story to share & drink to the unpredictable times.

Cheers to The Unpredictable!

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