The Ascend by Rohan Matmary

The Ascend is a National Finalist Bacardi Legacy Cocktail 2019 by Rohan Matmary



TheCocktailStory of The Ascend


The Ascend is inspired from Rohan Matmary’s own life journey. It is an ode to the times that made him who he is today.

Brought up in a warm Indian household, his choices were amplified by his family. He has been the golden boy.

Honouring the people in his life who have been there in his journey, he has dedicated every ingredient of The Ascend to a family member who have been with him throughout his journey.

Patron XO Cafe is dedicated to his father, who has been a kick of coffee all his life. Waking him up from every dream, keeping him sharp and energetic.

Cinnamon is dedicated to his mother who is a spice connoisseur and uses spices to enhance the flavour of food.

The bitters he is using inspires him to be bright and upfront. As he says, “No drapes, no veils.”

The cutest is Saline which he is using to enhance the cocktail dedicated to his sister’s naughty presence in his life.

The garnishing is quite interesting – an edible tattoo and a chocolate wafer stick inspired from Rohan’s own very known tattoos in the bar world.

A legacy is formed by honouring and respecting those who have been with you in a journey. Rohan’s Bacardi Legacy cocktail is aiming to make a legacy keeping the family spirit intact.



Recipe of The Ascend




50 ml Bacardi Carta Oro

15 ml Patron Xo Cafe

10 ml Cinnamon Syrup

7.5 ml Campari

5 ml Saline (2.5%)




Stirred & pour over ice

Garnish with an edible tattoo & chocolate wafer stick



A cocktail celebrating the family spirit.

Cheers to The Ascend!


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