Spirits of the Week

While the usual bar hopping, these are the new spirits I tried apart from the fancy cocktails.


  • Jack Daniels Tennessee Fire



In simple words, Jack Daniels Tennessee Fire is an atomic fireball candy!

.Jack Daniels Tennessee Fire is labeled as a “cinnamon liqueur blended with Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey”, as the name suggests, it’s red-hot with cinnamon yet it manages to keep some of the classic Jack Daniel’s Old No.7 character.

The nose on Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Fire is sweet candy red hots, atomic fireballs, and pure candy in a glass. Underneath the  candied cinnamon is vanilla and sugar. It takes an effort for the nose to get through all that to capture the whiskey below, and only  a faint oak note can be noticed. It tastes both sweet and spicy. There’s no whiskey flavour to be found in the opening on the nose but things get spicier in the mid palate, it’s like an atomic fireball candy.  It’s at the end of the mid palate that you get any sense that there’s whiskey in this liqueur, and here you can absorb the spicy flavor.

It’s only worth it if you are looking for a candied sweet shooting liqueur, Try it!

Also, it’s a rare find atleast in the bars of New Delhi.


  • Patron XO Cafe


A tequila based coffee liqueur from Patrón. This is made and blended entirely within Jalisco, the finest tequila region in Mexico. It is made with natural coffee essence, and is more like a coffee flavoured tequila, than a liqueur, because it is not overtly sweet. This tequila-based liqueur has a sweet, mocha-like scent. Just like a fresh coffee, chocolate & vanilla. But on the palate, there’s a definite tequila presence.Patron XO is drier and stronger than most standard coffee liqueurs. It is excellent for sipping, in cocktails or as a dessert ingredient.


Also, it’s one of the ingredients of the Bacardi Legacy National Finalist cocktail, The Ascend by Rohan Matmary.


  • Greater Than


Greater Than is India’s first craft gin brand created by two young entrepreneurs, Anand Virmani and Vaibhav Singh, the man who gave us Perch. It’s the first ever produced Gin in India, its distillery is in Goa.

Greater Than is a juniper-driven London Dry style gin made up from 9 botanicals sourced from around the world: coriander, angelica, orris roots, lemongrass, fennel, chamomile, orange peel, ginger, and of course, juniper. It’s a clean juniper heavy and fresh lemon peel on the nose.

Greater Than is quite versatile, it tastes great as a simple gin and tonic & works well in cocktails.

It’s a MADE IN INDIA gin & I’m getting to see a lot of it while bar hopping in New Delhi. Super proud!


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