Sherine John is born and brought in Kerala. He did his Hospitality Management from his native place Kerala, Consult Inn , Cochin. He chose professional cookery and continued with kitchen as a chef for three years.

After working three years in Kerala as a chef he moved to New Delhi for a better job and he couldn’t find a job in the kitchen so he joined F& B service as a steward. He spent two years in F&B service in New Delhi. Soon, he got an opportunity to work at Smoke House Grill, which was the game changer in his life. He approached the person in charge for a job at the bar, Mr.Vijay Prakash and he have gave him an opportunity after three months as a trainee bartender.

He started his bar career in 2007 in Delhi at a Smoke House Grill, where he learnt the basics of Bartending.

He learnt & polished his skills of bartending at Smoke House Grill from his talented seniors who help him grow in bartending and started participating in cocktail competitions. In 2010, 2012 & 2014, he won Finlandia Vodka Cup, Belvedere Cocktail Competition and American Whiskey Challenge respectively.


at Finlandia Vodka Cup 2010


at Belvedere Cocktail Competition 2012


at American Whiskey Challenge 2014


In 2015, he grabbed an opportunity to move overseas. He became the Beverage Manager & Mixologist of Passion F&B Dubai and got an international platform to showcase his skills. He credits Mr Bhupender Nath for his support at Passion F&B Dubai who gave him all the freedom to experiment new style of cocktails and bar concepts.


at Tresind Dubai


He won the Best Bartender of the Year 2018 in Dubai.

Still working with Passion F&B Dubai, he is the Corporate Beverage Manager & Mixologist handling Trèsind outlets in Dubai, Kuwait and Mumbai.


Sherine’s Mantra for fellow bartenders 

“Without team members & spirit, there can be no success. For a bartender, bar family is the key to success.”


Cheers to Sherine, making India proud!



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