TheCocktailStory of Pavitra Bhandari


Pavitra Bhandari started her journey as a bartender  during the time of her graduation in hospitality in Goa. She wanted to pursue her career in front office but everything changed after a mock session with Shawn D’souza who is the first renowned flair bartender of India. He came to her college for a session in regards to his own Institute of Flair Bartending.

Pavitra mentions “I saw him juggle with those bottles it was like magic and I was so mesmerised that I instantly made up my mind to be a bartender.” She credits Shawn D’souza to be her inspiration and mentor in her journey of being a bartender.

She is a graduate in Hospitality and Tourism with a diploma in Flair Bartending & Mixology. And started her career during her graduation time with a cocktail bar Havana club in Goa. Post which she moved to Grand Hyatt Goa then the Novotel Goa and at last to Ibis Style Goa.

She describes her journey filled with challenges & obstacles. As there is no hotel in Goa, which offers a specific designation as a bartender, she had to work very hard to prove her worth of being a bartender and that too a female one.

She credits Novotel to be the only place which supported her as a bartender and sent her to La Maison Cocktail Competition in Mumbai from which she got some exposure in Novotel and Ibis Styles.

Currently, Pavitra is in Goa and exploring for future opportunities overseas.



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