OTP_One True Pair by Jitender Singh Rana

OTP_One True Pair is a National Finalist Bacardi Legacy Cocktail 2019 by Jitender Singh Rana.



TheCocktailStory of One True Pair


OTP_OneTruePair is based on the notion of true love, purity, sanctity and values.

One True Pair is more than just any regular relationship, it is a promise that has one always bound to each other no matter the circumstances, troubles, or challenges in life. And that’s how a legacy is built! Legacy comes with culture, values and honesty.

People say love can win the impossible wars and live through troublesome barriers.

TheCocktailStory of OTP is inspired from the life journey of Jeet Rana’s life itself

and it is as interesting as his cocktail.

Jeet Rana belongs to a small village Pauri, Garhwal & still has managed to attain undeniable success and fame. He belonged to a family which was totally against ‘alcohol’ but he has managed to come so far, crossing all the hurdles. Imagine the journey from Pauri to now Arth, Mumbai!! No wonder, he holds OTP_OneTruePair close to his heart and wants to create a #BacardiLegacy with his life learnings, love and honesty.


Know more about him, http://www.himbuds.com/bar-tender-of-the-year-2016/



Recipe of OTP_OneTruePair


A refreshing cocktail to relish with true bonds to cherish.



55ml Bacardi Carta Blanca

7.5 ml Campari

22.5 ml Pineapple Syrup (1:1 ratio)

20 ml Lime Juice

2 nos Curry Leaf




Shaken and served into chilled Coupe

Garnish with Curry leaf


A story to relish and true bonds to cherish.

Cheers to OTP_OneTruePair!

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