Leh Berry


Named as ‘Leh Berry’, this cocktail created by Baar Baar is quite interesting.

Do you know what ‘Leh Berry’ is ?



We all know about Ladakh in Jammu & Kashmir and it is extremely popular all around the world. But do we know about ‘Sea Buckthorn’ which is known as a gold mine of Ladakh and also as ‘Wonder Berry’ & ‘Leh Berry’. It is a native to the region of Nubra Valley in Ladakh.

Seabuckthorn is a thorny shrub used in medicinal and beauty products & among the most nutritious of fruits. Experts claim that ‘Leh Berry’ is bringing an economic transformation in Ladakh and could change fortunes in India.

Baar Baar, Khan Market is importing seabuckthorn right from Ladakh to give us this fabulous cocktail. It is really interesting & also a great change to find an indie cocktail with traditional ingredients in the midst of the cocktails made from exported ingredients such as ‘elderflower’ which is used in abundance.



LEH BERRY is a Concoction of turmeric gin, sea buckthorn syrup, citrus, cardamom bitters & tonic water.

A pretty, tangy and refreshing cocktail.

Ofcourse, it is one of the best sellers at Baar Baar and a highly recommended cocktail by TheCocktailStory.

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