Bartending was never Feruzan’s first choice, she wanted to be a chef but her curiosity towards the subject of alcohol made her pick bartending. She started her career with freelancing, then switched to a full time job in Romano’s JW Mariott, post that she got into a nightclub bar and now she’s working as the Brand Ambassdor of an Indian Gin brand, Stranger & Sons.

As easy it may seem, her journey has been full of challenges right from working in a male dominant space to people ignoring her mistakes because of her gender. She admits her being oblivious to the partiality towards women in the initial phase of her career. She took it to be a false sense of security but soon she realised the importance of working in a team as an equal.
Feruzan’s social life took a major backseat starting her career as a bartender. She has openly spoken about it even on her personal blog, which is a must read for atleast every bartender.
Now, being not just a bartender but also a Brand Ambassador adds onto her responsibilities. She has made a mark for herself in the industry with this achievement.

Also, she is conducting and researching on a project dealing with the mental health of Bartenders. She hopes to publish it by next year.

Don’t miss out on her blog – https://thegirlwiththegreenstreak.wordpress.com


Cheers to her determination !

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