Diwali Cocktails 2018

This Diwali update your list of Diwali essentials with make at home – quick & simple cocktail recipes.


Here are four exclusive cocktail recipes by Indian bartenders from all around the country.


  • ShotStart your Diwali party

Here’s the recipe of ‘Diwali ShotStarts’ by bartender, Tenz Lhagoe.


*30 ml of Vodka

*5-10 ml of Honey

*10-15 ml of Lime Juice

*3-4 dashes of Green Tabasco or half green chilly

*30 ml of Cranberry Juice


*Shake the mix & double strain.

*Salt your shot glasses and garnish it with an orange wedge if you want.


TIP – Team up these exclusive Diwali Shots with Soan Papdi


  • Twist your Diwali

This Diwali, give vodka a Raw Mango twist. Team the ‘Twisted Aampanna’ , an exclusive Diwali Cocktail with the unavoidable mouth watering Diwali ladoos.



*60 ml of Vodka

*90 ml of freshly squeezed sweet Lime Juice

*45 ml of Raw Mango squash

*1 cup of Ice cubes

*1 Raw mango slice to garnish


*Add the vodka, sweet lime juice, and raw mango squash into a shaker, along with ice cubes.

*Shake well, and pour into a glass.


  •  Fancy up

Here is something fancy to up your game for exclusive Diwali Cocktails.

And you can team it up with something very very basic – Pakoras!! Yes, here’s our gorgeous Diwali Rose by Bartender, Amit Kumar.


*60 ml Gin

*15 ml Fresh Cream

*Fresh flakes of Coconut

*15 ml Rose Syrup

*10 ml Lime Juice


*Shake all ingredients with ice

*Strain in chilled glass

*Add few ice cubes and garnish with rose petal

Diwali Rose invokes the auspiciousness of drinking/serving Rose and Coconut on the special occasion of Diwali. It has a festive feeling and moreover, we have a lot of #coconut available at home during this time, why not use it!


  • Bomb your Diwali

The love for pani puri can’t be hidden by Indians. We all are crazy about this particular street food ‘gol gap

pas’ the most How can we miss on this especially during the festival time? This amazing cocktail ‘Mirchi Bomb’ is by Bartender, Rahul Shandilya is the best to be teamed up with Pani Puri.


*60 ml Tequila

*25 ml Lime Juice

*2 table spoon of Sugar

*1 Green Chilli deseeded & muddled

*2 springs of Coriander


*Put everything in a shaker

*Shake the mix and serve it with and add a dash of Soda

*Garnish it by rimming the glass with salt and chilli flakes.

You have to try this recipe for sure if you are having/serving #golgappas this Diwali.


  • Desi up your Tea

Tea with a special Diwali twist served with Samosas, doesn’t it sound like a perfect deadly combination for Diwali !! Tea Toddy is a festive special cocktail  Bartender, Kshitij.

TheCocktailStory behind Tea Toddy stems from the prevalent tea culture in India. Especially during festivals, when we have a lot of visitors at home, tea is made and served repeatedly. Created on this desi thought, Kshitij, twisted the same tea into a fabulous cocktail.

Also, if you are wondering what ‘Toddy’ is, it is a drink made of alcoholic liquor and hot water, sweetened and sometimes spiced with cloves, thus, the name Tea Toddy.



*45 ml whisky or dark rum

*10 ml honey

*120 ml tea

For Tea preparation

*200 ml water

*4 gm tea leaves (could be masala, Assam, hibiscus, Darjeeling)

-Give it a boil and strain the leaves and slow cook for 15 minutes

-Add Whole spices (cinnamon, clove, star anise, black pepper) and ginger


*Pour tea into a glass filled with whiskey/rum

*Add honey into the glass and give it a slight stir

*Tea preparation can probably be made in a bulk and could be served hot or cold.

Also, if you think of it can serve tea to people who don’t want alcohol and Tea Toddy to people who want it.


Enjoy this Diwali by giving your guests a warm welcome with exciting cocktails!


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