Cocktail of the Week – PRERAK

TheCocktailStory of Cocktail of the Week – PRERAK


It is so nice to finally come across a cocktail with a Hindi name – ‘PRERAK’ by Siddhant Hule.

The word Prerak means motivational in English.

Siddhant Hule has dedicated his cocktail to India’s National Flower, Lotus; a symbol of spirituality and illumination. Lotus is much more than a flower, it is a token of motivation & inspiration. The Lotus grows up beautifully & gracefully in the mud water everyday, it rises to it’s glory, stays throughout the day and settles down back to the mud as the dawn sets in.

The lotus signifies that our roots are something that will help us grow, no matter where we belong. In a similar fashion, we as humans shouldn’t forget our roots, values and virtues. We should always remember the small yet significant efforts of our loved ones in our struggling days helped us reach the horizon of success.

Lotus inspires us & motivates us to bloom through the mud and shine bright.





I have never witnessed a cocktail with such a story & presentation, it is super impressive!

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