Cocktail Of Boys

All the women out there are confused when it comes to choosing a cocktail.

It is a tough choice we have to make. We have to be very careful because it has several flavoured ingredients that we may like or we may not. But when we get the perfect cocktail; its a fabulous experience.

Just like a cocktail, imagine what it would be like if we had a choice to pick all our favourite ‘flavoured ingredients’ and make ourselves our own man!

There are men you like and there are other men you like as well but there’s something that is always missing in each one of them.

I remember the incessant chatter of my #bestfriend – how I like this-this in the boy I am dating and this-this in the guy I liked once upon a time – why can’t I get everything I want in one man.

And while having my cocktail of the night,  Beserk, a bartenders special by Sanjay Singh at Story Club, Westin Gurgaonwhich had truffle oil all over the drink to give it a smoky fragrance, exactly what I wanted and asked for, I just thought can’t we women have our own “perfect specials”.

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