Bacardi Legacy 2019

Bars, alcohol & parties are exciting but so are the stories happening in the bar world. But unfortunately, we don’t get to know a lot about it. I don’t know why but it’s somehow always been under the cover.

My initial few days of research in the Cocktail world gave me a good amount of information on this International Cocktail Competition which is imbibed with culture and is determined in creating a legacy.



  • The Bacardi Legacy Cocktail Competition is for bartenders all around the world with the motive to find the greatest potential Bacardi rum cocktail which would join the pantheon of Bacardi Legacy cocktails.
  • The Bacardi Legacy Cocktail Competition is all about finding the ‘bartender’ who can create a historical cocktail backed up with an interesting story.
  • Every year thousands of bartenders worldwide enter the Bacardi Legacy Cocktail Competition in their home countries, competing for a chance to establish a modern classic that will have a global reach.
  • It  emphasises simplicity in addition to originality. The Bacardi Legacy Cocktail is supposed to be as easy & simple that a layperson without any pre requisite knowledge about bartending can make it at home.
  • Not only the skill of making cocktails but the Bacardi Legacy Cocktail Competition demands more. It has a portion of the final score based out of an intensive behind-closed-doors marketing presentation, in which competitors must create and share a global promotional campaign for their drink.
  • The Bacardi Legacy winner makes it to a year of Bacardi sponsored travel to teach, guest-bartend and promote his cocktail at the best bars on every continent.


India is shining bright with it’s thirteen final contestants. In January, we are going to have one final contestant representing our country in the global finals of Bacardi Legacy.


This year the Bacardi Legacy Cocktail Competition 2019 will be held at Amsterdam. Bacardi will bring 42 bartenders from around the world to the Ditch capital to compete for the prestigious Legacy prize.



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