A special or A regular?

Cocktails happen in a bar and so do many interesting stories. Every time, I am cocktailing with my pals, there is something new – definitely there is a new place but the cocktails are different too.

Every bar has their own cocktail menu, they have the specials and then they have the regular cocktails.

People know their regular cocktail and are quite comfortable with it but they are too afraid to experience a new cocktail.

Don’t we feel the same when it comes to our relationships? Aren’t we just following our regular pattern? Why for some people it is never easy to break up and move on and why for some it is so difficult to commit in a relationship?

We all have patterns; good and bad but how often are we ready to take a risk and cut ourselves from the monotony of having the same regular cocktail.

My regular is Strawberry Margarita! What is yours?

What are we going to order next when we go to a new bar – something from the specials or the just regular one?


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