A review of Gunpowder Goa by Two Hangry Women

The endless scooty ride. The humid weather of January. The crazy cocktail place – Gunpowder!


Boasting of its South Indian cuisine, and its extremely quirky decor, this place truly makes you feel the ‘Goan’ vibe. Gunpowder is one of the few gems of Goa that is a treat to your taste buds. The coastal food is spicy, flavourful and a lot has already been written about its food. And now, it’s time we give them credit for serving us some of the finest cocktails we have had in our life.

We started with the basics. Some coconut water, a glass of fresh watermelon juice and Sol Kadi – A salted kokum based drink in coconut milk infused with green chillis garlic and coriander. It was spicy and we loved it. But the weather demanded some alcohol and that’s when we went through their fun cocktail menu.

Sol Kadi

One hangry woman, who is really fond of gin explored from the menu some of the best gin cocktails. She stumbled upon the Gin and Basil Spritz that was not only refreshing but tasted unlike any other gin cocktail she ever had. With some orange rind and basil in it, it cut through the strong taste of gin that can sometimes, be a little overpowering, leaving no room for some other flavour to blend it. It was just the perfect balance of the alcohol content and the mixers. This left her so happy that she gobbled down two glasses of them within an hour. Guess it was time for her ‘Gin-o-clock’.

Gin & Basil Spritz

Meanwhile, the other hangry woman, always looks for localised flavours in her cocktails. Something experimental, unique and true to the culture and place that they are visiting. She began her sunny, lazy afternoon with the Tamarind Chilli Margarita. It was tangy, spicy and pretty strong. One glass was enough to kick in some energy. The blast of these exciting flavours together with tequila were as exciting as this colourful cocktail looked. She then moved on to a super cool vodka based cocktail with a frozen chunk of watermelon in the middle that kept melting while she drank it. It melted her heart too. It looked gorgeous, it tasted really amazing.

Tamarind Chilli Margarita


Watermelon Vodka

We also tried a glass of their chilled beer, Gunpowder ale and what can we say, Goa weather and beer are the most perfect combination one can ever get. Apart from that, we also had their Tamarind Highball that had a tingling effect at the end of every sip. We were absolutely mesmerised with how gorgeous that drink looked.

Draught Beer

Needless to say, our visit to Gunpowder was nothing short of perfection. Looking up to a pop of colour at this open air restaurant, some extremely fancy and interesting stuff curated for people to shop at their store inside, the relaxed vibe and the chilled out crowd and most importantly, the very sweet and humble staff of the place. This place in Goa surely made us experience an afternoon delight.


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