A cocktail conversation with Chong Sherpa at PCO

At the mecca of bars, PassCodeOnly(PCO) in New Delhi, I had the opportunity to meet Mr Chong Sherpa.

While trying his Bacardi Legacy edition Cocktail 2019, we started to discuss about cocktails and bars & both of us agreed that the cocktail culture is changing in India but steadily.

PCO, being the change maker, is the first bar in New Delhi to give people a space to enjoy their drinks & make a conversation. There are so many of us, who still don’t know about ‘speakeasy bars’.

In India, most of us still have the notion that alcohol is only to be consumed in a loud music environment and the final goal is to get sloshed. Very few people understand their drinks, enjoy cocktails and believe in the concept of ‘cocktails and conversations’.

How often in India, we call our friends – ‘let’s talk over cocktails’ ?

For people who don’t know about speakeasies, you need to visit PCO.

The concept of Speakeasy bars is borrowed from the time of Prohibition-era in #NewYork and other parts of the US. At that time, they facilitated groups of people to get together in a secret setting. They had covert entrances, passwords to enter and served artisanal cocktails. The mystery around the speakeasies kept the concept going and I’m grateful that PCO got it to New Delhi.

Also, I couldn’t enter PCO without help. I needed a passcode.

Let me know if you guys get through in the first go itself.


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