TOP 7 cocktails you must try at Khan market



In the heart of Delhi, India’s capital, lies a haven for expatriates and locals alike. Khan Market is one of the oldest hangout place in New Delhi. The bright bustling streets of Khan Market are now a home to pretty cafes & amazing bars.

Khan Market has been one of the favourites of TheCocktailStory & here are top 7 cocktails you must try while strolling at Khan Market.




POSH G&T at Sly Granny



One of the finest G&T cocktail at Khan Market. A posh concoction of gin, tonic water, rosemary, mint, basil, juniper berries,  peppercorns. Garnished with cucumber slice, lemon slice and lemon peel.

Find this cocktail at Sly Granny, Khan Market. Priced at Rs 900 inclusive of taxes.


THE JOURNEY at Town Hall



This one is one of the signature cocktail at Town Hall, Khan Market. Especially for the bourbon lovers, this one is a must try !!! A perfect mix of bourbon, cardamom, ginger, edible flower syrup and lime juice with a lovely presentation.

Find this cocktail at Town Hall, Khan Market. Priced at Rs 755 inclusive of taxes.


SIP IN THE AFFAIR at Public Affair

One of the signature cocktails at Public Affair, this huge fancy cocktail is based on of the concept of tequila shots. It is an affair of tequila, pineapple & peach shrub and agave. Don’t miss out on it’s fine garnishing with artisan salt; a mix of salt, peppers and chilli flakes.

Find this cocktail at Public Affair, Khan Market. Priced at Rs 795 inclusive of taxes.


THE BUMSUCKERWALA at SodaBottleOpenerWala



This funny named cocktail is an ode to the Parsi family that started the ever popular raspberry soda business in Karachi. A concoction of vodka, home made raspberry syrup and thyme. A sweet cocktail to go with the best Parsi food at Khan Market.

Find this cocktail at TheSodaBottleOpenerWala, Khan Market. Priced at Rs 595 inclusive of taxes.





This is Baar Baar’s version of the modern classic cocktail, Penicillin. Calcutta Cup is an indie twist to the original Penicillin. This brilliant cocktail has one game changer replaced ingredient – Curcuma Amada (Mango Ginger). A concoction of bourbon & Islay Whisky, homemade mango ginger syrup and citrus.

Find this cocktail at Baar Baar, Khan Market. Priced at Rs 695 inclusive of taxes.


PONDICHERI at Parallel 



A smooth & soothing cocktail called Pondicheri at Parallel. A refreshing concoction of white rum, coconut syrup, elderflower cordial & coconut water.

Find this cocktail at Parallel, Khan Market. Priced at Rs 700 inclusive of taxes.


FROZEN MARGARITA at The Immigrant Cafe



Get the best and cheapest Frozen Margaritas at The Immigrant Cafe, Khan Market. Decide the flavour & get the tequila pouring!

Find this cocktail at The Immigrant Cafe, Khan Market. Priced at Rs 650 inclusive of taxes.



Amidst all the hustle-bustle on the fancy streets of Khan Market, whenever you want to grab a cocktail, do try these!

Also, a special mention to Harry’s Bar & Cafe, where you have everyday happy hours from 4 pm to 8pm. They have decent cocktails averagely priced.

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