Bartending is an art that has been gaining huge momentum in recent times with the increased inclination of the generation towards pub culture. While there is a wide array of exhilarating tipples in sundry varieties, creating a quirky fusion with them needs knowledge, creativity and calibre. And mixologists are the ones who carry out this job breathtakingly, presenting concoctions before us that are not only high on taste but also pleasing to the eyes. And the best part is, these Indian bartenders are turning out to be the next great influences among netizens as well. Here are 15 Indian bartenders on Instagram you definitely need to follow to satiate your boozy soul and know more about the growing cocktail culture in India:


1. Rahul Raghav 

The very talented bar manager for The Bombay Canteen & O Pedro By Night, Rahul Raghav is highly innovative and makes picturesque, delish cocktails- some heady, some sweet. He takes inspiration from everything around, be it from sea creatures or vegetables to create highly eclectic blends to leave you jolly and refreshed.

Follow this ‘Innovator’ to not miss on the best yet unusual trends happening in the cocktail world. Also, he is a serial bar hopper! Find him drinking at one of the best Bar Shows in the world to shaking some tipples at the World’s/Asia’s best bars.

 His Instagram Handle | Here


2. Vikas Kumar 

Vikas Kumar, the head booze mechanic of PDA, New Delhi pulls off the art of mixology with a twist. He uses a blend of liquors and natural ingredients to make luxurious tonic waters and cocktails that are worth every penny. He is kenned for his handcrafted ice ball art technique.

Follow this ‘booze mechanic’ to not miss on the most gorgeous cocktails ever!

His Instagram Handle | Here


3. Santosh Kukreti

Santosh Kukreti is the bar manager of Thirsty City 127 and Remos Bombay, and is highly focused on technique and ingredients. He is the brainchild of some one-of-its-kind fermented concoctions.

An advent forgaer, he is known as the mad scientist in the bartender world because of his everyday in-house experiments with creating spirits, liqueurs and what not. 

Follow this ‘mad scientist’ to not miss on his insane cocktails experiments!

His Instagram Handle | Here


4. Himanshu Desai

A wanderlust by heart, he is one of the most sought-after mixologists in the country. Himanshu had been the first Indian to be chosen for Rémy Martin Bartender Talent Academy, one of the biggest bartending competitions in the industry and also bagged the second prize in it. 

A traveler by passion, he is known for excellent craft skills, storytelling and brilliant bar knowledge. He has recently moved to the US and joined Musafir, a restaurant & bar in Houston. 

Follow this ‘craft-master’ to not miss on his travelling adventures and excellent craft cocktail programs.

His Instagram Handle | Here


5. Tobias Carvalho

The man behind the wonderful concoctions of HOME, PVR members-only bar – Tobias Carvalho is noted for his signature cocktail TRUST ME, which made him win the Jameson Barrelman Homecoming UAE. He creates boozy doses with the rarest ingredients to render an out-of-the-world feel to cocktail lovers. 

A singer by passion, Tobias is renowned for his simple yet perfectly balanced cocktails with an additional entertainment and warm hospitality. 

Follow this ‘charmer’ to not miss on him creating the best concoctions while singing!

 His Instagram Handle | Here


6. Devi Singh

The Goa-based mixing maverick, Devi Singh Bhati, was the beverage custodian at Firefly at Petridos and is the winner of a line-up of world-class mixology awards. Now, working as a freelancer Mixologist consultant for various bars & the Brand Ambassador for Franklin & Sons.

He was titled as the Best Mixologist Goa 2016-2017 by INCA India and also bagged the winning crown of National Finalist in World Class Cocktail Competition 2019.

Follow this ‘startender of Goa’ to not miss the cocktail scenario of Goa!

His Instagram Handle | Here

7. Karthik Kumar

The star of Bengaluru, Karthik was handling the bar program at the famous BYG Brewski and has recently ventured out as a Bar Consultant.

You can spot him at most of the bars in Bengaluru creating wonderful concoctions and carving gorgeous clear ice blocks.

Follow this “trend-setter” to not miss on the Bengaluru cocktail scene!

His Instagram Handle | Here


8. Rohan Matmary

Now a Delhi-based mixologist, Rohan Matmary won the hearts of many in Bengaluru to have recently joined as the beverage head for Sidecar and Cocktails & Dreams Speakeasy. He’s known to make forever strong bar teams as he did in BYG Brewski, Bengaluru. 

He was ushered with the title of World’s Most Experimental Bartender by Glenfiddich in 2018 and was also the winner of the third edition of Brown-Forman American Whiskey Legacy Cocktail Challenge 2019. 

Follow this ‘rising star’ to not miss his passion of uniting bartenders, creating excellent cocktails & winning all the bartending competitions possible!

His Instagram Handle | Here


9. Kshitij Goel

Trained under the famous Luca Cinalli, Kshitij Goel is now the Head Mixologist at the newly opened Nege & Ju in New Delhi. He is passionate not just about cocktails but photography as well which is quite evident in his instagram account known as ‘timeout cocktails’. 

Follow this ‘young star’ of the bartending community to not miss on his picturesque feed of cocktails!

His Instagram Handle | Here


10. Kamal Kohli

The head mixologist of Town Hall Restaurants, Kamal Kohli, is the brainchild of a plethora of new cocktails. And he specialises in Negroni cocktails. Apart from being a kenned mixologist, he is a hardcore fitness freak and a passionate photographer as well. 

Follow this ‘fitness freak’ to not miss his everyday tempting cocktail posts!

His Instagram Handle | Here


11. Cindy Lalramngaihzuali

Learning from the best for a few years now at Perch Wine & Coffee Bar, New Delhi, Cindy is one of the most chirpiest bartenders with excellent craft skills. Known for her concoctions at Mr Hoots (by Perch Wine & Coffee Bar). 

Follow this ‘stunner’ to not miss on her passion for learning new techniques and journey of participating in several cocktail competitions. 

Her Instagram Handle | Here


12. Ajesh Joseph

The head mixologist at Jetlag, Bengaluru, Ajesh Joseph is not only good with his craft when it comes to cocktails but he is a bartender with a passion for humour. He is the only Indian bartender who makes funny videos spanning around his profession. 

Follow this ‘funniest – bartender’ to not miss on some of the most humorous cocktail/bar related videos.

His Instagram Handle | Here

13. Sanchayan Jana

The Head Mixologist of ITC Maratha, Sanchyana Jana has around 7 years of experience working behind the bar & has participated in many cocktail competitions.

He made India proud by representing the country in the Global Finals of Beluga Signature 2019 in Russia. 

Follow this ‘zealous bartender’, Sanchayan to not miss on his gorgeous cocktail creations! 

His Instagram Handle | Here

14. Shefali Singh

Recently moved to Bengaluru, Shefali’s Instagram feed is all about her new creations at her bar, Red Rhino and lots of shaking, stirring and sipping cocktail pictures.

Follow this “rising star” to not miss on her everyday creations.

Her Instagram Handle |Here

15. Virendra Singh

The bartender to go to for the best cocktails in Jaipur! Virendra is one enthusiastic bartender who is revolutionising the cocktail culture in Jaipur. The bar manager at Akh Bar, Jaipur, Virendra’s instagram is full of fun, cocktails & related events happening in Jaipur.

Follow this “game-changer” to not miss on the growing cocktail culture in Jaipur.

His Instagram Handle |Here

Because Indian Bartenders are the next big thing, follow them right away!



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