Shefali started her career with KFC, switched to Pizza Hut and then finally joined Striker Pub & Kitchen as a Guest Relation Executive where she got interested in the work behind the bar. Even though she didn’t use to drink back then, she wanted to explore the bar industry.

Despite her parents disagreement with her choice, she did a mixology course from Bartending Academy of India.
After which she started creating her masterpieces at Batli29, Westin and Pra Pra Prank.

Her relationship with parents restored only after her success.

Winning the Best Female Bartender of the year 2018, this has so far been the best year of Shefali’s journey in the bar industry as she has permanently shifted to Bengaluru to work as a Head Mixologist at Fixx Bar.

Find her at Fixx bar, Bengaluru for her masterpieces – Southern Daiquiri and Moroccan Negroni.


Cheers to her zealous spirit mixing spirits creatively and churning out unique cocktails for us!

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