Hey pickleback shot lovers, you need to try these asap!

And for the ones who don’t know about pickelbacks, let me define it for you – “It’s sour. It’s briny. For some, it’s nauseating. For others, a godsend.” A pickleback shot is an unusual combination of whiskey and pickle brine.


OldCrow was the usually preferred whiskey served with pickleback but currently, Jameson is outpacing Old Crow as the whiskey of choice for a pickleback.

Find Ek Bar’s famous Pickle Paani ✨(left to right)

Kheera Zeera – Cucumber & toasted cumin

Kaanji – Beetroot & mustard

Berry Chilli – Strawberry & chilli

Ek Bar’s Pickle Paani is an interpretation of the popular Pickleback shot. It also allows you to choose the spirit you like from the menu & Chase it with a Pickle Paani!

Ek Bar is saving you from the real & tough Pickleback by offering you a choice of spirit. But I would say go with the original.

Go with Jameson & chase it with Pickle brine.