TheCocktailStory of the Cocktail of the Week, Doctor’s Advice by Santosh Kukreti is quite an interesting one!


As attractive as the name of the cocktail, Doctor’s Advice, sounds, did you know this interesting fact that Gin & Tonic is an Indian invention?

In 1850s, Gin and Tonic was a drink invented as a ploy to get British soldiers and officials of the East India Company residing in Indian, to take consume quinine as a precaution against malaria that was considered a deadly disease back then. The combination of the drink eased the the vile taste of tonic and gave birth to the forever together couple – Gin & Tonic.



Santosh Kukreti has given an interesting name to his third version of Indian Style Gin & Tonic made with the most indie ingredient – Turmeric. Named as ‘Doctor’s Advice’, Santosh has taken in consideration the medicinal benefits of both Gin & Tonic water and also has chosen ingredients very carefully, creating a healthy cocktail.

Gin has Juniper berries as the main ingredient which is an incredibly healthy fruit that carries a multitude of medicinal benefits. Whereas, Tonic Water’s key ingredient is Quinine which can be used to treat malaria, leg cramps and also to relieve stress. The other ingredients in ‘Doctors Advice’ like turmeric, ginger and orange juice & thyme, have well known health benefits.

Santosh has previously created Indian style Gin & Tonic cocktails at Ek bar, New Delhi – The City of Nizam & Terra at Masque, New Delhi which was also a part of the Ritz Carlton Macau cocktails menu.

Doctor’s Advice is a third version by him which you can find at Thirsty City 127 in Mumbai.




60 ml Turmeric Gin

22.5 ml Lime Juice

22.5 ml Ginger and Orange Syrup

45 ml Top up with Tonic Water



Shake and double strain in Gin & Tonic glass

Garnish with Burnt thyme



Cheers to Doctor’s Advice, we definitely need one a day!