TheCocktailStory of the Cocktail of the Week is an impressive one especially for movie fanatics.



Many of you must have watched Pulp Fiction by Quentin Tarantino, if you haven’t please watch it right now. The whole movie is an amazing, disjointed violent ride. Every time you see it, there’s something new you notice. The cocktail of the week inspired by an iconic scene of Pulp Fiction.

While watching Pulp Fiction, Himanshu Desai came up with this brilliant idea of recreating the legendary milkshake into a fabulous cocktail.


Let’s unravel the big deal about the Milkshake scene.


When Mia orders a $5 shake from waiter “Buddy Holly” at Jack Rabbit Slims, he asks if she wants it “Martin and Lewis or Amos and Andy?” The reference is here to two comedy duos — Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis, two white dudes; and the Amos ‘n Andy Show, two black guys. Basically, he’s asking her if she wants a vanilla shake or a chocolate shake. (She opts for vanilla.)



There is also an undercurrent that Mia orders an expensive $5 vanilla shake to project an innocence & hide her drug addict side. The most famous dialogue of the scene is that of  Vincent. He says “God damn, it’s a pretty good looking milkshake. I don’t know if that shakes’ worth 5 dollars but it’s pretty fucking good.”



This particular scene has been extremely popular & adored by the masses. Taking inspiration from the scene, Himanshu Desai has dedicated this cocktail, ‘$5 milkshake’ to the legendary milkshake scene & the movie Pulp Fiction. According to Himanshu, “creating a relatable experience for consumers at the bars will attract more eyeballs than ever, and what better than something from iconic movies.”


Also, It’s a bourbon based cocktail as if you all remember, Vincent asks Mia if the milkshake has bourbon in it.


Cocktail : $5 MILKSHAKE 


A concoction of Bourbon, sambuca, almond milk, fresh cream & pineapple and cinnamon oleo sacchram. Garnished with crushed ice & raspberry.


Such creativity & dedication to offer consumers more is commendable!