8th Summer is a National Finalist Bacardi Legacy Cocktail 2019 by Rahul Sandilya.



TheCocktailStory of 8th Summer


8th Summer is a tribute to the 8 years of Rahul’s journey of being a bartender, right from the time of his engineering days to settling in his life as a bartender.

He has dedicated 8th summer to his father whose dream was to see Rahul as an engineer.

Eight years ago, Rahul was doing engineering but due to some problems at college, he had to quit and pursue his ultimate desire of becoming a bartender. This one decision eight years back was a game changer for him.

His entire family and friends were against his decision of choosing Hotel Management instead of engineering. He had to face many challenges during this big switch in his life but he did what he had to do, kept his focus on his dream of becoming a great bartender.

After all he has been through, today post eight years, he is a proud National Finalist of a Bacardi Legacy competition and also Food and Beverage Executive at The Oberoi Group.

Thus, the name 8th summer is dedicated to his journey of eight long years he took to establish himself as a bartender.



Recipe of 8th Summer


A refreshing cocktail for any season.



45ml Bacardi Carta Blanca

2 slices Gari (Pickled Ginger)

2 bar spoons Pomegranate Seeds

25 ml Lime Juice

15 ml Simple Syrup



Shake and serve

Garnish with a dehydrated orange




A cocktail ode to a story of struggle & success.

Cheers to 8th Summer!